Not on Facebook? Facebook still knows you

Rory Cellan-Jones has written an insightful blog piece on how Facebook knows more about you than you know and even if you have never been on Facebook.

If you hate the idea of social networking and have never been on Facebook, then Facebook knows nothing about you. Correct? So how come when you set up a profile on the social network for the first time, it can suggest friends for you?

This echoes some of the stuff I have been talking about how I am concerned is that my privacy is affected by what other people post about me… in other words no matter how careful I am, other people are posting information and photographs about me all over the web.

Now part of that is because it is my job, if I give a presentation at a big conference, that will be online.

However when someone posts photos of when I was 14 on Facebook I have no control over those photos nor who sees them!

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