No joy with Nokia N810 and JoikuSpot

I have been using JoikuSpot for a few weeks now, with great success with an iPod touch, works a treat.

Decided today to see if I could use it with a Nokia N810.

Nokia N810


Well, no I couldn’t. For some reason though it could  connect to the JoikuSpot wireless network, it would not get to the JoikuSpot launch page and as a result no other internet access was possible.

The Pro version may work, but if it uses a launch page then I am guessing it still won’t work.

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  1. Hello!

    I solved this problem today (2009-06-18).
    I’ve just uninstalled JoikuSpot Premium from my Nokia E71, then rebooted the mobile phone, downloaded JoikuSpot Premium from the official site, installed it, rebooted the mobile phone again, started JoikuSpot Premium and – voila! – it connected to my Nokia N810 and gave it an internet access.

    Hope this will be helpful.


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