New Mac mini (possibly)

Nearly a year ago I mentioned rumours about a possible new Mac mini.

Then I said.

So it is looking like that we may well see a new faster, better Mac mini.

I do like the Mac mini, it works well as a little Mac for testing and trying things out as well as introducing people to the Mac. I also have used it in the past as a server for various web services and for limited use it works really well – probably would not be too happy if it was a production server.

I did try it as a TV computer, in other words connected to my TV, but I never really used it, in the main as it was an old G4 PPC model and was rather slow for recording and capturing video from an EyeTV USB device. The newer Intel models have the advantage of remote control and faster processors and graphics better suited to video.

I am interested to see where Apple goes with a new model and I may just have to get one.

This week we have seen pictures and video surface on the rumour sites, however similar things were said a year ago.

Yes I would like to get a new one to be a media server under my TV, but will we see a new one. We are going to just have to wait and see.

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