New iPod touch

This September we will see a new updated version of Apple’s iPod touch.

We have already seen changes in the iPod touch in previous years and last year it was speculated we would see an iPod touch with a camera, well we didn’t.

Since then we have seen the release of both the iPad and the iPhone 4, both of which will have had an impact on the market for the iPod touch.

This year expect to see a redesigned iPod touch.

It will more than likely have a front facing camera so that it can be used for Facetime. As Steve Jobs said at the iPhone announcement, tens of millions of Facetime devices would be shipped. At the time of writing the only Facetime device is the iPhone 4.

So what about a rear camera for taking photographs?

I do think that is a possibility, but possibly not as it would eat into iPhone 4 sales.

I do think also we will see an iPod touch with a 960×640 retina display like the iPhone 4.

An 128GB iPod touch means we will see the end of the iPod classic.

I also do think we may seen an Apple TV iPod touch hybrid replacing the current Apple TV product.

All speculation mind you.

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