N73 problems

My Nokia N73 is giving me a few headaches, basically it keeps crashing and turning itself off.

I thought a firmware update might help, well at least reset the device. This is not as simple as it could be as the software is Windows only. I thought I could run it in Parallels, well I could, but I couldn’t pick up the N73 through the USB cable. I could in OS X but not pass it through to Parallels.

So in the end I installed the software to a Windows computer. What I couldn’t quite understand was that I went to the Nokia site downloaded the PC Suite software. When I ran the installer it asked if I wanted to check for a newer version. Well there couldn’t be a newer version as I have just downloaded it could there.

Yes there was.


So having just downloaded a 36MB installer filer, I have to download a new 36MB version!

Once that was installed, I then had to install the firmware updater.

Once all that was done I could update the phone.

This was done.

However I am not sure if it has fixed the problem.

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