Leopard does a Vista on me…

In the past I have mentioned how sometimes Vista annoys me by doing what it wants, rather than let me get on with stuff, one example which particularly annoyed me was when I was downloading a file (a rather large file) and Vista decided that as I wasn’t actively involved with the computer it would shut itself down!

Now I did think that OS X would not be so selfish and would be more sensible.

Well was I wrong…

Okay OS X is nowhere near as bad as I have found Vista to be, it’s most certainly not perfect.

So what happened?

I had decided to install Leopard 10.5 on my iMac (on an external drive) and after installing from my Leopard install DVD, I went to Software Update to update to 10.5.4, which to my initial horror was a 560MB download, well that’s going to take some time, so I let it get on with it.

So you can imagine my annoyance when I came back to find that the iMac had fallen asleep!

I was downloading a file! No you were downloading a file, you knew you were downloading a file, yet you still fell asleep!

I will give OS X a little credit, at least when I resumed the download it didn’t start it again.

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