It’s alive!

My Nokia N73 usually behaves itself.

It rings when someone calls.

It uploads photographs to Flickr when asked.

It will even let itself be used as a 3G modem.

It’s a good little phone.


And there is always a but, sometimes it decides that it’s going to do what it wants and have some fun.

Today was one of those days.

I received a text, it appeared that my phone had taken one of the photographs I had taken, created a MMS and sent it to a recipient in my address book.

Later in the day it decided to upgrade my Jaiku presence without me asking, fair enough.

I tried to play a video clip with it, it told me it didn’t have enough memory.

Okay, so I exited the video application and left the phone alone.

Ten minutes later (obviously bored) my phone  decided it wanted to watch the video and started playing it!

I wouldn’t be surprised if it phoned and ordered pizza for itself.

Nokia N73

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