iPhone Pain

I am getting more and more annoyed with my iPhone 3GS. I keep losing signal, it crashes way too often when making phone calls and O2’s 3G coverage seems more patchy than usual.

It’s saying something when you find that you don’t want to use your phone for making phone calls. Apart from finding on a regular basis that the phone loses signal, if you are making a phone call and this happens, the phone crashes and reboots. This is very annoying and when it happens it seems to take an age for the phone to reset so you can reconnect and call back the person who you jsut cut off. I ought to keep a log of when it happens, but it does seem to be correlated with a weak signal.

Though I have no scientific evidence to back it up, I am also finding it much more difficult to find a stable 3G signal when travelling. That seems to be getting worse. I often notice my phone losing the 3G signal and then finding it again. As a result streaming or even just pain web browsing becomes less reliable.

I have not yet upgraded the 3GS to iOS 5 as I was awaiting the verdict of the community if I should or not. I do remember when iOS 4 came out and ruined the iPhone 3G experience.

So do you have problems with your iPhone 3GS or is it just me?

If you do have a 3GS have you upgraded to iOS 5 and how is that working for you?

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  1. I upgraded my iPhone 4 to iOS5 shortly after it was available and have not noticed a marked difference in 3G or phone signal strength, it is as shockingly bad as it was before (I’m with O2 too). I have probably used the phone less than when I had my 3GS but I always out that down to the new contract and associated costs (fewer free minutes) than anything else, but even then I was using the 3GS less than previous Motorola Razr and other phones.

    I will stick with the 4 for the moment, and I won’t upgrade to the 4GS and wait for the next ‘proper’ (?) iPhone, when the ‘5’ eventually comes out.

    All the best, David

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