iPhone Firmware 3.0

Apple have released details of the new firmware for the iPhone.

In-App Purchasing: Allows developers to sell additional content from within applications. Highlighted uses include magazine subscriptions, eBooks, additional levels and items for games.

Peer-to-Peer Connectivity: Find other devices running the app via Bonjour over Wi-Fi of Bluetooth. Good for gaming, but also other applications for sharing data.

Third-Party Accessory Apps: Allowing accessory manufacturers to create applications to interface with their hardware accessories.

Push Notification: Rather than using background processes that hamper battery life, utilize third-party server to push badge, text, and audio alerts from applications.

Turn by Turn: Apple will allow developers to use CoreLocation for turn-by-turn GPS directions.

Cut, Copy and Paste: Available across all apps. Shake to undo or redo.

Landscape keyboard: Available in all key applications, including Mail.

MMS: Picture messaging now available.

Voice Memos: Record notes, lectures, interviews, etc.

Spotlight Search: Available across all applications. Systemwide search available from main home screen by flicking to the left.

A2DP Bluetooth: Support for stereo bluetooth headsets.

In the Q&A Apple did say if the carriers supported it they would support tethering as a modem.

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