iPad 2, probably not delayed

Maybe it was too late in the cycle to do anything, but it is expected that Apple will bring the new iPad 2 in the UK this Friday. Despite huge lines (still) in the US, Apple are still saying on their website that the iPad 2 is coming March 25.

You have to wonder though, whether it will actually be here on the 25th March, or will just be available to order.

Even if it is here and available to buy, I wonder if there is a similar demand as there was in the US, they will sell out very quickly and it will be weeks before you can get one if you miss out on the 25th.

Last year, lots of people I spoke to said, they wouldn’t buy the first iPad and would wait until the second version came out. In the main as they saw problems with the first iPhone and the first iPod touch and didn’t want to be either early adopters or test subjects for Apple. I also have spoken to quite a few people having now seen the potential of the iPad, were waiting for the new iPad before making a purchase. So I can see quite a bit of pent up demand.

Though others I know, with the £100 reduction in price (and while there is still time) are buying the older original iPad as at a price from £329 is now seen to be more affordable than it was before, for some it’s a great alternative to buying a netbook and comparatively quite close in price.

So are you going to be queuing up on Friday to buy the new iPad?

After much thought and contemplation, I won’t be in the queue.

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