iMac going slow

I now feel that my iMac is way too slow for how I am using it these days. It shouldn’t surprise me but it does, this iMac is (well should be) one fast computer, but I certainly push mine to its limits and notice slowdowns and memory issues.

I have 2GB of RAM in there, so it’s not a lack of RAM, much more running too many applications at the same time. Yes I should exit one application before running another, but I often don’t have the time and sometimes (as with EyeTV) it just isn’t possible due to scheduling issues.

I wouldn’t mind the odd delay here and there, but due to delays it is starting to impact on the performance of applications such as EyeTV and as a  result I am getting dropped frames on my EyeTV recordings.

My solution will be to get a new iMac, not to replace my current iMac, much more to have double the processing power. As a result I am going to get a bigger desk.

So which model, well it’s going to be the 24″ model.

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