Hold your breath…

Generally upgrades and updates go smoothly, but not always.

As jonmul posted recently on Jaiku, sometimes if not always you hold your breath.

Although Apple have made firmware upgrades a painless process I still hold my breath every time. Bricked to many devices in the past…

He’s not the only one who holds their breath…

I do it quite often, especially with firmware upgrades.

Having said that, I actually now rarely upgrade unless I am “forced” to. Sometimes I have been “forced” into an OS X upgrade as a piece of software I want to use is only compatible with a newer version.

If it works I generally leave it well alone. In the main as updates sometimes just do weird things.

Good example, I upgraded the iPod touch to 1.1.3, but I ain’t upgrading to 1.1.4 just yet.

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