Fixing Embedding Twitter into WordPress

I have been having few issues recently embedding tweets into some WordPress posts.

In this post the tweet is seen as a text link (and not even a live link) rather than the embedded tweet itself.


The process is suppose to be that as you write your blog post you merely copy the link (from the date of the tweet) and paste it into your blog post

The magic then happens and when you click publish the tweet link is converted into an embedded tweet.

Now in some recent blog posts I was getting an inconsistent result with some tweet links converting into embedded tweets and others not so. In one case in one of my blog posts one of the tweets did what it was supposed to and the other one didn’t.

I know I can do a screen grab of the tweet and embed that into the blog post, but I do like how the embedded tweet was live and dynamic, you could like or reply to the tweet from the embedded tweet.

Looking around for a potential cause of the problem and hopefully a solution I found this WordPress support link from a Google search on the issue.

Embedding with a shortcode

If you want more control over the display and layout of the tweet you are embedding, you can use a special shortcode. Copy and paste one of the following shortcodes into a post, page, or text widget. Be sure to change the tweet URL or ID to the one that you want to embed.


With the end result being an embedded tweet.

I used this process of my problematic blog posts and it fixed the issue.

Still none the wiser to the actual cause of the original problem though.

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