Firmware 2.2 on iPod touch stops BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer on the iPod touch is one of the best things that arrived on my iPod touch. However bad news if you upgrade to firmware 2.2, you won’t be able to access BBC iPlayer on your iPod touch!

When you try you get the following error message.


Sorry, programmes can only be accessed over a wifi connection.


The iPod touch only does wifi!

It would appear that the fault lies with both Apple and the BBC.

The BBC use a browser detection script which identifies that the user is using an Apple iPhone or an iPod touch. I would assume before firmware 2.2 that the browser identifier used by the iPhone and the iPod touch were different when on wifi compared to when the iPhone was using 3G or Edge.

With firmware 2.2 it would appear that the BBC script incorrectly identifies the wifi iPod touch as a 3G iPhone. Now this could be because of a change by Apple on the mobile version of Safari.

So alas at the moment we have no way of watching BBC iPlayer on an updated iPod touch!

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