Fed up with Facebook

It would appear that I am not the only one fed up with Facebook applications. I do like the social and interactivity that Facebook provides, however I am fed up with the super pokes, the zombies, the quizzes and so on…

Mashable undertook a poll of their readers and the resounding response was people were fed up with Facebook.

The results were a fairly resounding “yes.” In our most active poll ever, only 13% of you said that you are “Not At All” fed up with the social network and are still enjoying it just as much as when you signed up.

Does this mean we are seeing the decline of Facebook (as we did with Friendster) and seeing an opening for a new social networking site?

Are you fed up with Facebook?

What is going to be the next “thing” that will replace Facebook?

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  1. Personally I cannot stand Facebook as it does nothing too protect one’s identity. Its terms of use are Rigid, Moronic and downright Stupid. I hope it is gone for good very soon.

    Everybody knows that spammers and the like, Fraudsters etc regularly carry out dictionary attacks and name searchs on social networking sites. such as Facebook and similar sites. They do this to find names and email addresses.

    I have been working in I.T for 20 years and I believe I am qualified to talk on this issue. You do not have to be a whizz-kid like me to do it either. It is so easy to do.

    Spammers then use the results attacks to trap unwary people into parting with their money.

    Curiously enough Facebook seem very quiet on this issue. I wonder if anyone has ever sued them, because they have lost money as a result of somebody seeing their name on Facebook. Proving it would be easy, you just have to know where to look and what to look for.

    Facebook would go running screaming to the hills if it ever happened. It is a very dangerous world we now live in and you have to be safe.

    If you do not believe what I say, just go an look at http://www.419eaters.com to see the growth of fraud, some of which is due to Facebook and similar sites. the original 419 scammers, employ teams of people to search such sites for information, So not allowing nicknames is asking for trouble. It is also taking away a human right.

    This would explain the increase in SPAM receved and logged by me shortly after I joined Facebook. Personally I think Facebook should be banned, without delay.

    It is extremely dangerous in this day and age to actively prevent users from having any sort of anominity at all.

    Both my accounts were disabled on Facebook. It is naive to even think that ereryone is a good guy on such sites. These site are a hotbed for crooks.

    I wonder if Facebook would compensate me if someone ran up a debt in my name after seeing it on Facebook. Somehow I don’t think they would care less. In fact I know they wouldn’t. They would just carry on enforcing their stupid rule !!

    Whenever you ask them why they do not allow any kind of user protection, you are given the run-around and eventually your account is disabled. This is their common policy. They never actually give you an answer. REferring you to their terms and conditions is not actually an answer.

    I simply have no clue as to why this is – It’s wrong and Facebook should be taken down without delay.

    If I am on the net chatting away – I want my anonyminity thank you very much, it is my right and Facebook therefore are taking away my right to my anoniminity by enforcing their rule in the way they do.

    There is simply nothing wrong with having a nickname, whether you are aged 8 or 80.

    I would love to see someone sue them – Bye Bye Facebook.

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