Don’t text and walk!

From the Guardian…

In case anyone reading this is one of the 68,000 individuals who apparently interfaced thus with street furniture in London last year (mostly resulting in cuts and bruises, but with a fair proportion of broken noses, cheekbones and one fractured skull in the mix too) and therefore is self-evidently stupid enough to need the problem further delineated, these are injuries caused by people who do not understand the importance of peripheral vision. Until, that is, they compromise it by texting as they walk along the street and into lampposts, signs, bollards and other pedestrians.

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  1. I can’t do it anyhow, I have to stand still. In fact it’s really the same if I’m on the phone.

    I prefer to stop whatever I’m doing, leave the room if I’m with other people, and dedicate the time and concentration that the person on the other end deserves. If I’m busy or it would be inappropriate to answer the call or return a text I ignore it. That’s what Voice Mail and SMS are for.

    Evidently I’m not the only one who can’t!

    Does mobile phone insurance cover this kind of injury?

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