Today was one of those days when I needed some decent connectivity and I didn’t get it.

I was at lunch in Worcester discussing various iPhone, iPad and Android apps (as you do). However, maybe because of our location and the building we were in, my connectivity to O2 and T-Mobile were very poor. There was still a connection, but not quite what I would expect from 3G and in some cases dropped connections. This meant that the apps were not working as they should or failed to make a connection to their server.

It made me realise that many apps are very web dependent and do not work unless you have a decent connection. Sometimes with a good connection, they work great, but without it the apps are basically useless.

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  1. That is what it is like in the final third. The whole third of the country who can’t get a decent connection, either with landline or mobile.
    Many are still on dial up. There is no hope of the incumbent ever bringing access to them. The incumbent is too busy protecting its copper cabal by installing cabinets in the most populated areas and ignoring the rest. The mobile companies don’t bother either. Poor old digital britain. Its turning into a joke.

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