Compare iPhone 4S with iPhone 4

Useful video comparing speed of iPhone 4S with the iPhone 4.

I remember when I had a work 3G and I went out and got a home 3GS the speed difference was certainly very noticeable.

I am at this time tempted to upgrade my home 3GS to the 4S, mainly because of the camera, but the speed it appealing too.

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  1. I’m more keen to upgrade my 4 to a 4S because there’s now a 64GB option and I’m always short of space on the 32GB iPhone 4. The speed difference from 4 to 4S seems to be between quick and fast. You’d certainly notice a much bigger difference from the 3S though.

    The new camera does seem worth the upgrade too to me – the low light and relative slow shutter speed on the 4 are a little disappointing despite it usually giving “nice” results.

    The other reason I’m keen to upgrade is the home button on my phone is starting to fail – all the double click to switch tasks takes its strain. I had hoped iOs5 would finally bring the gestures for task switching long promised but I understand that only come with the 4S too. Annoying, my contact doesn’t allow an upgrade until Dec I confirmed today, so just hoping the home button lasts long enough!

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