Can I use OEM versions of Windows on my Mac?

Can I use OEM versions of Windows on my Mac?

Generally the answer is yes. Though if you purchased a computer with an OEM version of Windows then the license only covers that hardware and according to the terms of use can not be transferred to another computer.

These OEM versions will work with Boot Camp and/or Parallels or VMFusion. Though as OEM versions you won’t get any support from Microsoft, for that you will need to purchase the full retail versions.

Windows XP Home

Windows XP Professional

Windows Vista Ultimate

Note that Windows Vista Home can not be used with Parallels or VMFusion due it licensing restrictions.

Windows Vista Home Premium

2 Replies to “Can I use OEM versions of Windows on my Mac?”

  1. Outraged by the prices of the EA games on the Apple Store UK (£39.99 versus $29.99) I was considering using Bootcamp and OEM Windows on my Alu iMac 2.8GHz.

    I take it 64bit versions are still not recommended?

  2. Unless you specifically need a 64 bit Windows PC for a specific 64 bit application, then I would recommend you stay with 32 bit.

    Running Windows on a Mac, I would advise using 32 bit only.


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