BBC iPlayer on your Nokia N95

I was quite interested in reading this article on the BBC iPlayer for the S60 series of phones.

It seems that the BBC’s version of iPlayer for S60 has gone live, download it here. It has been implemented as a web runtime widget that kicks off streaming in RealPlayer. And it’s also, naturally, a bit fussy about which devices it installs on. It seems happy with the N78, N95 and N96.

Well having enjoyed using BBC iPlayer on the iPod touch, was quite interested to see it working on my Nokia N95.

Well as you can see from this video capture, I did not have a huge amount of success.

I was using wifi and I had configured RealPlayer to use wifi, but still no joy. The video would start, but then it would just start to buffer and eventually the connection would fail.

Hopefully I can get it working soon.

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