Back to the Mac.

October 20th sees an Apple event called Back to the Mac.

Now no more details than that.

There are two key clues though in the image.

First it says Mac, this probably means that it is about the Mac and not another iOS device.

Second, peeping behind that apple is a Lion.

Now this means that it is time for Apple to announce their new OS called Lion. Will it be 10.7 or 11.0 well we don’t know. A lot depends on what the big new thing will be.

10.6 was only a slight improvement over 10.5 and to be honest I am using 10.6 on my iMac and 10.5 on a MacBook Pro and I rarely notice the difference. What new stuff could we see in 10.7, no idea.

However if this is 11.0 then could we see the iOS touch interface integrated with the OS X (or is that OS XI) as rumoured earlier this year?

Whatever happens it will be interesting to see what Apple have to say.

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