Instagram Updated

I have always liked Instagram, the photo creation, editing and sharing app for the iPhone. I reviewed  it last year on my e-Learning Stuff blog and said:

As a free app it is certainly a really useful photo app. As a social network, well it is certainly no Flickr and not a Twitter either. The social network can only be accessed from the phone and that limits it in my opinion. As a photo app it’s great, as a social networking tool, less so.

Since then I have posted nearly 500 photographs to the service, which is more than one a day! I know that this is no Photoshop and nor is it something that professionals would use. But as a fun social app that creates interesting effects it’s great. I really like the images that the people I follow come up with and likewise I find it useful on what images I am taking people like. I find it an easy to add images to flickr that I can then add to my blog posts and I have been doing that for a while now.

Today we see an update to Instagram to version 2.0. They have completely revamped the camera experience.

It has live filters and live tilt-shift. There are four new filters.

I quite like that you can now turn the borders on and off. You can also rotate the photograph if you need to. Finally filtered photos save in high-resolution to photo library.

As for the update it seems to work and just as easy to use as the previous version.

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