16GB is way too small…

If you are in the market for the new iPad and if you want to use certain apps and games then I think you might find 16GB is way too small to meet your needs.

Likewise if you are going to use your iPad for reading magazines or comics then again 16GB may be a little lightweight to hold all the magazines that you want to carry with you.

If you like TV series then 16GB probably won’t be enough to hold an entire series, especially those American ones that last for longer than six episodes!

Films, well don’t expect to have too many on your 16GB iPad.

And if you want to do all the above? Well expect to do a lot of work ensuring that there is sufficient space on your iPad. You will need to be archiving stuff, removing apps, swapping films and TV programmes.

Which is why if I was buying the iPad 2 I would be getting the 64GB model or at the very least the 32GB one.

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    1. Now that I know how “rubbish” the camera is, I can’t really see many advantages to getting the new one, I am happy with my old obsolete outdated iPad 1.

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