150 Million Images

Number One

150 million images have been uploaded to the photo service Instagram have announced in their blog.

…we’re excited to announce that more than 150 million photos have been shared on Instagram and Instagrammers now share photos with one another at a rate of 15 photos per second. If you don’t yet have Instagram, you can find it for free, exclusively in the Apple App Store.

I really do like Instagram, it’s quick and easy to use and also importantly I think fun.

The filters, though nowhere near what you can do with pro tools such as Photoshop, are nice and to be honest with Instagram you are not trying to be a professional photographer, no you are messing about with an image and sharing it with friends.

As well as posting to Instagram you can share the link with Twitter, Facebook and upload the image to Flickr. You can also do Tumblr, Foursquare or even e-mail.

I use the images I have taken a fair bit too, by uploading them automatically to Flickr I can then use the Flickr embed code to add them to my blogs.

Welsh Castle

If you have an iPhone then do check out Instagram and have a play. If you have an Android phone, well maybe one day you will be able to join the fun!

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