1 million downloads

Apple have announced that there have been over one million downloads of the Lion OS X operating system from the Mac App Store.

That’s a lot of data at 3.49GB per download and £21m worth of revenue to Apple. Though with £47bn cash reserves that is mere pocket change for Apple, but not bad for one day methinks.

I haven’t downloaded it yet, but concerns about my Adobe software is making me hesitant about installing it on my main iMac. Adobe have published a list of known issues with Lion 10.7 and Adobe products. Previous experience with Adobe tells me they rarely update their current software, but release a completely new version that is compatible with the new operation system…

I will probably install it on an external drive and possibly on the kids’ computer and try it on there first.

So have you downloaded and installed it? What do you think? Is it a worthwhile upgrade?

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  1. As you posted earlier, you only have to buy Lion once to use it (for personal stuff) on multiple Macs. I think that means £21m revenue is the maximum, it is likely to be lower than that.

    I have downloaded it, but I’ve not fired up any of my CS4 apps yet. I’m getting used to reverse scrolling, hindered by the fact the mouse pointer remains on screen unchanged and stationary. I like the look of the new mail, and I like full screen apps (yes they may not be new, but I wouldn’t want to go back to Windows 3.1 just to have that feature). I need to play with Mission Control more, but I like the fact that each Window has a large icon indicating which app it belongs to. Launchpad, to my surprise, it brilliant; my favourite new feature so far – perhaps because I expected so little of it.

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