So where is the video out then?

If you have a Nokia N95 8GB model which came with Spiderman 3 you will know that it came with a composite video AV cable (well in the UK it does) which not only allows you to connect your Nokia N95 to a television, but also allows you to show what you are doing. This video out can also be captured using the right equipment. This video out is a really useful feature.

One of the disappoining non-features of the Nokia N810 is that there is no video out, so any video on there has to be watched on the small screen (nice screen, but it’s not very big).

Alas this also means that I can’t capture screen video this way either.

Hmm, a wasted opportunity methinks.

Vodafone N95 Nightmare – Resolved

Back on Friday I blogged about a Vodafone nightmare that James Whatley was having in relation to a non-functioning Nokia N95.

Well it seems I am not the only one who suffers nightmare customer service from Vodafone.

James’ problem got resolved pretty quickly in the end.

Today SMSTextNews posted an update on how this happened and the response from Vodafone.

Hello there Mr Whatley, my name’s Amy and I’m calling from Vodafone. I hope you don’t mind me getting in contact like this, I’ve just been reading your blog…

Well James got his new Nokia N95 pretty quickly.

Just shows the power and influence a blog can have, well the influence a large and well-read blog like SMSTextNews can have.

Glad to hear that the N95 phone situation was sorted in the end…

Now about that 4GB Nokia N95….

Vodafone Nightmare

Well it seems I am not the only one who suffers nightmare customer service from Vodafone.

Back in June 2004 I had a nightmare trying to order a 3G datacard from Vodafone, so much so that I basically nearly gave up even trying.

Well it seems four years later, customer service at Vodafone still leaves a lot to be desired.

James Whatley of SMSTextNews found his Nokia N95 wasn’t working, so he called Vodafone customer service, his phone was still under guarantee and he had insurance, so it should have been a simpe process, shouldn’t it…

What follows is an account of two hours of my life from the early evening of last night (Thursday).

Vodafone have pissed me off. Their insurance company more so – they are CLEARLY a 3rd party with nothing to do with Vodafone and as such, let them down on an almost spectacular level.

That aside – VF’s CS has seen better days.

If this issue is not resolved by the weekend, I am off to 3.

You heard it here first.

Read the whole story on the full blog entry.

To be honest reading that story doesn’t surprise me one bit, like James, when you are use to good customer service, when you have a bad experience, it really throws you and you can’t understand why they don’t just “get it”.

Hopefully Vodafone may realise that one bad experience for a customer results in lost sales or transfers to another network.

In case you are wondering, who do I use as my mobile phone provider, well it’s T-Mobile.

Silver or Black

After my personal mobile phone gave up the ghost I decided it was time to get a new phone. I have a Nokia N73 through work though so haven’t been entirely phoneless. But I need a phone for personal use.

I discounted the iPhone almost immediately, in the main as a) the phone was expensive at £269; b) the phone plans were expensive with the cheapest one at £35 per month; c) you can’t use the iPhone as a Bluetooth modem which means that I couldn’t use it with my laptop; and finally d) it uses EDGE and not 3G which means that even if I could use it as a modem it would be very slow and internet on the phone would be slow.

I quite like the Nokia N73, but I have one of those and I don’t really want two!

I did consider the N95, but with rumours of an N96 and wanting something with a slightly better battery life, I decided to go with a different phone.

After much thought and looking, I decided to go with the LG Viewty. I went with T-Mobile as they are one of the few UK mobile phone service providers which allow you to use the phone as a modem with your laptop and I wanted that over a separate USB 3G Modem.

Alas when I went into the shop they were out of stock. So I ordered online, only to make a mistake with my bank details so when they made the charge to the card it was refused! After phoning and correcting the mistake I found out that the phone was now out of stock, but would be back in stock soon.

Ten days later I get an e-mail saying that the black one would be back in stock soon, but the silver model was available now.

Silver, I didn’t know it was available in silver.

A quick internet search revealed that the silver model was newer, hmm, choices, silver now or black later.

Well after thinking about it for a couple of minutes I decided to go with the silver model. Phoned T-Mobile to let them know, when they told me…

“the black one is back in stock”

Aaarrrgh, silver or black, silver or black.



In the end I decided with the silver one, as it was newer.

Silver LG Viewty

Hopefully it may arrive today, but it should be here by Monday. Only problem I have is I will need to get another memory card format as it uses Micro SD whereas my other phones have or use Mini SD or Memory Stick Duo.