166 miles and more

car headlight

Charged the Funky yesterday, I got a predicted 166 mile range after charging to 100%.

This is nowhere near the 193 miles that Ora advertises for the Funky Cat. The closest I have got was 185 miles.

Ora have also announced that next month they will be selling fifty models of a new version, the First Edition+ which is similar to models sold in other regions. This has a longer range.

Most notably, the First Edition+ variant will host GWM ORA’s 63kWh battery, offering 260 miles of WLTP electric range.

Too late for me.

Next year there will be new models too.

In addition, ‘First Edition+’ will provide a taster of what is to come when the full ORA Funky Cat range launches in 2024.

Again, too late for me…