Final Cut Pro X Unstuck

The new version of Final Cut Pro X does not seem to be going down well with users. Many are asking Apple for refunds and at £179.99 though a lot cheaper than the previous version is still a hefty amount of money for many. Apple as a rule does not give refunds on purchases from the App Store but for those customers who are not entirely happy with the new version there may be a chance.

I’ve not gone out and bought the new version, though I do have the older version on my work Macs (we have a site licence) I have not really used it in anger, in the main had a “play” and then gone back to iMovie as I knew it and it was quicker and easier to use than what is a professional application.

Doubt I will buy the new version for my home Mac, partly on the reviews, but in the main as iMovie meets my video editing needs.