Fans Flashback

This evening using my MacBook Pro I had a fans flashback to the days when I had a G5 PowerMac.

I really liked the G5 PowerMac, it was a huge beasty, but a very powerful beasty.

Though now and again it would do a jumbo jet impression and try and to set the fans going so fast that it sounded like it was trying to take off!

I believe that this was a bug caused by the PowerMac failing to realise how hot it was and setting the fans to maximum to try and ensure that it didn’t overheat.

Quite a few updates were sent out by Apple to try and fix it, but as I recall not all those fixes worked.

I have been finding that if I push my MacBook Pro I can make it get very hot quite quickly. Even quicker if I have the battery in and even faster than that if I am charging the battery at the same time.

This evening I was using the MacBook Pro and was watching a video whilst doing some simple web browsing, when the fans kicked in. Now the battery was fully charged so I was quite surprised. Charging the battery and using the MacBook Pro is a simple way of getting the fans going. However this time the battery was fully charged!

The fans just got louder and louder…

Eventually I decided enough was enough. I shut the lid, turned the MacBook Pro over and waited until the fans stopped (nearly 30 seconds or thereabouts). I then removed the battery and turned back over. Opened the lid and continued where I left off.

No fans, but still quite warm.