Centon Flash on the EOS 400D

I realise that I don’t write about my digital cameras much on this blog, I have talked about other cameras, but not mine.

I originally had a film Canon SLR and about six or seven years ago I got a Canon EOS 300D Digital  SLR which back in 2007 I upgraded to the Canon EOS 400D.

One of the original reasons for going for the Canon DSLR was that I hoped to use my Canon accessories with my new camera. The lenses seemed to work fine, but I could never get my Centon Flash unit to work with my Canon EOS 400D. I just put it down to new camera, old flash!

Today I was going through a box and I found the Centon Flash and I thought, why not have another go, so I did and yet again it didn’t work.

So… I know lets use Google!

Found this blog entry which though talking about a different Centon Flash unit made this useful comment.

I had to tape over the four communication pin contacts on my 400D with electrician’s tape – it won’t fire the flash otherwise when it is mounted on the hotshoe.

So using a bit of tape I taped over four of the contacts and tried the flash…

It worked!


When you know how.