Uninstalling Wireless NIC on the iMac

Back in November 2020 following the installation of FTTP I did buy a TP-Link Archer T3U AC1300 mini wireless adapter for my iMac which was too far away to be cabled to the router. 

This though was no faster than the built in Airport card, however I could use it on my MacBook which had a slower card and I have managed to achieve speeds in excess of 400Mbps, but not quite the 800Mbps I was hoping for.

In the menu bar though on the iMac was the remnants of the Wireless NIC installation. I never really worried about it, and clicking it just told me the TP-Link Archer T3U AC1300 mini wireless NIC wasn’t installed. I knew that.

However I did recently decide to see if I could remove it from the menu bar.

What you need to do is hold the Option key when clicking the icon in the menu bar, and then you get the following menu item.

So I clicked Uninstall USB-WiFi.

I was presented with a confirmation screen.

I clicked Yes.

I now no longer have the wireless NIC icon in my menu bar and the driver is no longer installed as well.