Safety Recall for the Funky Cat


In my experience, cars often have safety recalls and it wasn’t really a surprise to get a safety recall about the Funky Cat.

There is a potential concern with the ORA Auxiliary (3 pin) charge cable that if the cable is used in a manner that is not in accordance with the information and instructions provided in the ORA Owner’s manual, on the safety label attached to the charge cable or in the GWM ORA website the cable may potentially overheat. 

Additionally, should the vehicle be charged using a commercial 3-phase fast charger there is a possibility that if the cable is disconnected immediately after charging (before 15 seconds) a spark may be generated. 

I was not overly concerned, as I had only used the Auxiliary (3 pin) charge cable once and had not experienced the sparking issue either.

I took my Funky Cat in for the recall to Wessex Garages in Bristol. Booking was done through lease company, but I did receive a SMS reminding me of the booking.

I knew they needed to replace the three pin charging cable, so I took it out from the secret compartment in the boot and left it in the main part of the boot.

After comments in an internet group, I expected the recall to take about an hour, so I was a little surprised when they said they wanted it all day. That was my fault for not checking with them how long it would take and how long they would need the car for.

They said they did three updates, gave the car a vacuum and a clean. They also did a health inspection, which the Funky Cat passed with flying colours (well it’s less than six months old, so no real surprise there).

I was about to leave and putting my bag in the boot, when I saw that the cable was still there. I wasn’t sure it was replaced, so I went in and asked, I was assured that all aspects of the recall and been done. I wasn’t totally convinced. On the way home Wessex phoned me, I was driving so it went to voicemail, Wessex were ringing to say, they should have replaced the cable, and they had a cable for me back at the dealership.

So a couple of days later I went back to Wessex and got my recall replacement charging cable. That was a little frustrating.

Staff were friendly and welcoming.I appreciated the free coffee and soft drinks. The Mall at Cribbs Causeway is only a few minutes walk away, so it was easy to get to. It was also nice to see the other Funky Cats on show.

Oh dear VAIO problems!


Sony have had an issue with a few, well more than a few, of their VAIO laptops according to a BBC report.

Sony is recalling 440,000 Vaio laptop computers worldwide because of wiring faults that could cause overheating.

The recall concerns 19 Vaio models in the TZ series manufactured between May 2007 and July 2008 – but does not include models sold in the UK.

Luckily doesn’t personally affect me, nor any other VAIO laptops in the UK.