New guides

I have published some new guides on my website.

Leopard Guides 

How do I find my Mac (OS X) shortname for 10.5 Leopard?

How do I find a Leopard 10.5 Mac’s IP address?

Windows Vista Business Edition 

Creating a new user account on Windows Vista Business Edition

How do I find a Vista Business Edition PC’s IP address?

Installing Bonjour for Windows on a Vista Business Edition PC.

Disabling Password Protected Sharing in Windows Vista 

Windows Vista Home Edition

Creating a new user account on Windows Vista Home Edition 

How do I find a Vista Home Edition PC’s IP address? 

File Sharing with Leopard and Vista

Update: guide now available.

I am in the process of writing my file sharing guide for Leopard and Vista and though similar to Tiger and XP, there are some quite fundamental differences which means it is taking longer to write the guide then I first thought.

I have recommended using the same username and password on home networks for sharing files as it makes it easier to share files.

Now with Leopard you can share individual folders much more easily, which means I may write two separate guides rather than one long one.

We’ll see how it goes, expect it soon.


Well my package from Amazon arrived today and as well as some other stuff, it contains Leopard and Windows Vista Home Premium.

Should help me write some new guides for my website as I have a fair few to write…

Typical Microsoft, though I have a PC running Windows Vista, it is Vista Business Edition, which is (allegedly) easier to network, so I also need to test Vista Home as well.

Having said that, networking with the Vista Business laptop was very simple and I was quite pleased about how much easier it was than using XP.