Nice and easy

Now I have an electric vehicle I check at places I am going to, to see if they have charging facilities.

When I travelled to the University of Warwick in September 2023 for a conference, I checked the university website there was charging available in the car park I was going to use. These weren’t specific car charging ports though, just standard three pin plus sockets. It took over sixteen hours to charge the Funky Cat. At least I could charge, but it was a good thing I wasn’t in a hurry.

When I was at a conference at Loughborough University last month I was actually staying off campus at the Link Hotel, but when I checked I saw that electric vehicle charging was available on campus. Rather than drive over and check, I actually walked over. They did have quite a few charging spaces, using EVC chargers. I checked the parking costs, which was quite cheap at £1.20 for the evening, and created an EVC account.

I then walked back to my car at the hotel, and then drove over to the car park, and plugged in the car.

It was relatively quick to charge to 100% and was quite cheap at 39p per kWh.

After I got to 100% I collected the car and drove back to the hotel.