Wireless Update Worked

Updating the wireless driver on my HP TC1100 seems to have done the trick. I have maintained a wireless connection for ages now without it dropping.

If you are having wireless connectivity issues and you have an Intel 2200BG adapter, check to see if there are new drivers as this could make a big difference, it did for me.

Upgrading Wireless Driver

I have been using my old HP TC1100 Tablet PC recently and was very annoyed with the wireless connection which would drop on a regular basis.

Knowing that there was nothing wrong with my wireless network, I put it down to the wireless flakiness of Windows XP, but wasn’t entirely satisfied with that.

I then wondered if there was a driver update for the wireless adapter, so I ran Windows Update.

After taking an eternity to download Windows Genuine Advantage and other updates I finally got round to downloading the wireless adapter update.

So far so good, no dropped connections.