Leopard running on a Dell 9 minibook

Andy Ihnatko (who I regularly listen to on MacBreak Weekly) in his column this week in the Chicago Sun-Times talks about his efforts to run OS X on a netbook.

Questions like “If a computer that isn’t made by Apple is nonetheless running the Macintosh operating system and Macintosh software…can we still call it a Mac?” are more up my street, and it’s been much on my mind lately. 

No wonder. For nearly a week, I’ve been running Mac software on a Dell Mini 9 netbook.

It’s an interesting article and does demonstrate how much easier it is these days to install OS X on a non-Mac computer.

I do like the netbook concept and having used a fair few they certainly have their place in the world (generally as a second or traveling computer). Problem is that these netbooks either run Windows XP or Linux. Not that I don’t know how to use XP, and I can even get by in Linux, but both lack the familiarity that I now have with OS X.

Am I interested, yes I am.