Still some problems

Despite thinking I had resolved the issue with the updating of My Photo Stream I took a range of photographs and not all were added to My Photo Stream despite using Compatible mode.

I am hoping in the next iOS update that this issue is fixed.

Temporarily resolving an issue with My Photo Stream on my iPhone 13

I have managed to resolve an issue having taken photographs with my iPhone that My Photo Stream was not then updating across my devices.

It was in the past week that I noticed that photographs I had taken with my iPhone 13 were not being uploaded to My Photo Stream and shared across my other devices.

I first did the usual trick of going into settings for the Photos app and turning My Photo Stream off and then back on again, however this made no difference.

What was weird was that the photograph I had taken weren’t been uploaded, but the edited versions from Snapseed or Instagram were being added to My Photo Stream.

This photo of the Bristol Harbourside didn’t upload.

This version I edited with Snapseed did.

I checked back through my iPhone camera roll and there was a range of photographs missing from My Photo Stream.

It was working fine on the 16th April, but had stopped updating on the 17th April.

Doing an initial Google search didn’t help, with most references referring to turning My Photo Stream off and back on again, which I knew didn’t work. I powered off the iPhone and back on again, that didn’t resolve the issue either.

My Photo Stream was working fine on other devices. Took a photo with the iPad and it was uploaded to My Photo Stream. On the iPhone if I created an image with Snapseed it was uploaded to My Photo Stream. 

That got me thinking that the issue wasn’t with My Photo Stream or the Photos app, but was with the Camera app.

Now doing a Google search I found that others were having a similar issue. It appeared to be related to the 15.4 iOS update.

Going through the settings for the Camera app I checked the formats setting.

Settings > Camera > Formats

To reduce file size, capture photos and videos in the High Efficiency HEIF/HEVC format. Most Compatible will always use JPEG/H.264. Cinematic video, 4K at 60 fps, 1080p at 240 fps and HDR video require High Efficiency.

This was set to High Efficiency, so I switched to Most Compatible.

As a result the next photograph I took was uploaded to My Photo Stream.

I switched back to High Efficiency and the problem came back. It was apparent that the HEIC images were not being uploaded to My Photo Stream, though they were with iOS 15.3 and earlier.

So for the moment I have a temporary fix, so when I take photographs with the iPhone 13 they will upload to My Photo Stream.

I would like one of these cameras, please…

The popularity of the iPhone touch interface is inspiring manufacturers to think about camera interfaces. Here is one concept from Artefact.

Of course this isn’t a real camera, but I really like the idea of a “remote” back for the camera or as they describe it a wireless viewfinder, interchangeable lenses (aka SLR) and internet connectivity.

Will we see a camera like this? I hope so.

Artefact’s Concept Camera Page

Via jkOnTheRun

Camera+ with Captions

I have mentioned Camera+ before as one of my favourite camera apps for the iPhone.

It is a very powerful photography app and it allows you to use the iPhone camera in ways which the standard camera app doesn’t even come close.

Plenty of ways to share the images too.

They’ve just upgraded the app to version 2.3 which allows you to add captions when you add a border to your image.

Quite a nice subtle feature, though the caption “fits” with the border you choose, you can’t change the font or colour of the caption.

At the offer price of 69p it’s currently very affordable and good value for money.

Check out Camera+ in the iOS App Store.

Camera+ iPhone App

One of my favourite camera apps for the iPhone is currently on sale for just 59 pence (ends 26th June).

If you want to do more than just take photographs with your iPhone then Camera+ is certainly well worth a look.

Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or someone who’s barely touched a camera, Camera+ will make you love taking photos.

Everybody has a creative side… Camera+ will help bring that creativity out in you, all with a fun, innovative, and beautiful design.

★ EXCLUSIVE Touch Exposure & Focus for the ultimate control…
Set exposure separately from focus for the ultimate control of your shots… simply touch with a 2nd finger while focusing to adjust exposure until your shot is perfect. [available on iPhone 4 and 3GS on iOS4 only]

★ EXCLUSIVE Photo Flashlight to brighten up your photos…
Use the iPhone 4 LED flash as a continuous fill light to improve photo quality, especially for portrait and macro shots.

★ No more blurry shots…
Use the stabilizer to steady your camera and get the sharpest pics you can.

★ Put an end to crooked pics…
Use the grid to line up your shots and eliminate unsightly angled photos.

★ Highest quality zoom…
Camera+ has a 6× digital zoom that simply blows away the competition in terms of quality.

★ Scene modes and flash…
Most modern digital cameras all have scene modes to help you get the best photos for your particular situation. And why shouldn’t your iPhone have this great feature? Well, with Camera+, you get to choose from several scene modes including Backlit, Sunset, Night, Portrait, Beach, and many more. If you just want great looking shots with the least amount of fuss, just tap Auto and watch your lifeless pics come alive. And for the times when your photos came out too dark, we have a high quality digital flash to make them look great.

★ Crops let you frame your pics perfectly…
If you didn’t line up your shot perfectly when you took it, you can easily fix that with Camera+. And when you want to get a bit creative, we setup a bunch of popular crop sizes for you. With a single tap, you can make your pics square, 4×6, 8×10, etc. We’ve even included a “golden ratio” crop to get the most aesthetically pleasing results.

★ Dozens of amazing effects…
We partnered with professional photographer, Lisa Bettany, to bring you a slew of stunningly beautiful effects. With a single tap, you can transform a soulless pic into a work of art. Make your photos shimmer with “HDR”… get down and dirty with “Grunge”… fill your pics with emotion and despair with “So Emo”. And this is just the tip of the iceberg… there are dozens of 1-touch effects for you to experiment with so that you can get the perfect result every time.

★ Wrap it all up with stylish borders…
With Camera+, you get several great border designs so that you can put the finishing touch on your photos.

★ Share your creations…
Whether you want to show your results to your friends and family or the whole world, Camera+ has got you covered. Share your pics on Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr. Or go the simple route and email them from right within the app.

What are you waiting for? Try Camera+ now and discover that you can truly love taking pics on your iPhone.

It is a very powerful photography app and it allows you to use the iPhone camera in ways which the standard camera app doesn’t even come close.

Plenty of ways to share the images too.

Check out Camera+ in the iOS App Store.