Build Phase, what Build Phase?

As I have mentioned previously, according to the BT Openreach Fibre site they are in the build phase for cabinet 25 in Weston Village.

Over the weekend I ventured down to the cabinet to see what was happening and see how far BT Openreach had got with putting in the new fibre cabinet, as I had heard that BT Openreach vans were sighted in the area!

Well as I could have guessed there was nothing there, nothing had changed.

Now I know that BT Openreach could potentially site the new cabinet somewhere else, but if you look at other upgraded cabinets the new ones are quite close to the existing cabinet.

Here is cabinet 24 in Weston village, the old cabinet is on the right, the new fibre cabinet is on the left.

Cabinet 24 in Weston Village

I don’t know what I was expecting to see, actually that’s a lie I was expecting there to be nothing there…

Well, BT Openreach did say the end of June, I will believe it when I see it.