8% charge

I hadn’t planned to go right down to a 8% charge, but circumstances resulted in the Funky getting down to an 8% charge before I could get to a charger.

Not entirely accurate as I did get to a charger, but that didn’t work out.

So what’s the story?

The car had a 19% charge this morning with a predicted 34 mile range.

Decided to try out the free charging capability at Asda in Clevedon.

Both bays were free.

Needed the BP Pulse App to connect and charge, so that took some time.

First attempt failed.

Second attempt did work.

Really, really slow. After 15 minutes the car had charged an additional 2%. So much so that decided to abandon the process.

Did think about heading to Gordano Services and using their Gridserve chargers, but with just 14 miles to the office and a predicted range of 26 mile, I thought I would just go straight to the office.

I arrived with just 8% charge left and a predicted range of zero! Put the car on charge.

Some time later I was at 100% and a predicted range of 175 miles.

Not such an easy journey home

I wrote recently about the longest journey I had done in the Funky from Weston-super-Mare to York, a total distance of 250 miles. As the range of the Funky is 193 miles (and realistically is actually less than that in real world conditions) I knew I would have to charge up on the way up and back.

Going up I had virtually no problems, coming back though, it was not as straightforward. 

I set off from York and headed to Moto Ferrybridge services to charge up the car. This didn’t feel as straightforward as it did on the way up. 

Anyhow after getting a good charge (not 100%, but around 90%) I headed back south. I had actually only planned on charging to 80%, but I had a phone call, which went on for a while and spent longer at the services than planned.

I had another online call to do later, and I planned to stop at Hopwood Services on the M42, have my call and charge at the same time. This however did not go to plan due to traffic issues. I didn’t quite make it as far as Hopwood so stopped at Tamworth Services.  Alas the charger was in use and I parked in a normal space. So, I couldn’t charge my car while I had my online call. After finishing my meeting the charger was still in use so I headed back down on the M42. 

I knew the Hopwood Services were about twenty miles further down the M42, so would stop there to charge and grab some lunch. I stopped off at Hopwood services and was frustrated to see their charger was also in use. There was some Tesla chargers available however non-Tesla cars, though they can use some Tesla chargers, they can’t use the ones at Hopwood. I did notice that they are installing something like twenty new chargers so on future visits this lack of availability will be less of a problem. 

However, I was on a 20% charge and still some way to go. The Strensham services only had a solitary charger and I suspected that was probably going to be in use when I got there. So I asked Ora for the nearest charger. There was one in Alvechurch a couple of miles away according to Ora. I asked her to set a route and off I went. 

When I got to Alvechurch I couldn’t see it but assumed it was in the nearby car park.There was a charger in the free car park, but someone was using it. They said they would be about fifteen minutes. I had no choice but to wait.

As I went for a walk I saw there was another charger in local pub,The Red Lion,  car park. It was free. So I moved the Funky to the pub and set it to charge. I then went to the pub for lunch. 

This was a lovely pub, with lots of wooden beams and comfy chairs.

I gave the Funky a good charge and this got me all the way home with charge to spare.