In a recent post I blogged about my experiences of using Bluesky on the iPad. I found that sing in the browser useful on the iPad instead of using the native iOS app  I was recently recommended using to access Bluesky.

This service provides a multi-column layout and support for hashtags when using Bluesky.

Reminded me of Tweetdeck which I have used now and again (in the past) to access the Twitter.

I recently used when using Blueksy at a conference and found the user experience much better than just accessing Bluesky on the browser or using the native iOS app.

Bluesky on the iPad

The Bluesky app on the iPhone works well for me, but there is no native Bluesky app for the iPad.

I have found the user experience quite poor as using the iPhone app on the iPad. 

Some iPhone apps work fine on the iPad, Instagram is a good example. The Bluesky app doesn’t, well it doesn’t for me. The main issue is that landscape mode shows only a couple of messages in the stream. In portrait mode, it’s okay, but I generally use my iPad in landscape mode.

As a result I have moved to the web app, using in the browser.

This is a much better user experience. Does remind me of the Twitter web experience.