I don’t trust you….

Safari Not Connected

No not you, but my blogging platform… actually I do trust my blogging platform, what I don’t trust is my internet connection to remain stable and consistent as I write a blog post, so that when I click publish, my blog post is actually published and out there on the web and hasn’t just disappeared into the ether!

What happens is you write a blog post into your text field, click the publish button and you get a “you are not connected” error and all your hard work has vanished. Clicking the back button doesn’t resolve the issue. There is no draft saved and you are then faced with a choice, try to recall what you wrote, or saying stuff it and going out for a coffee.

As a result these days wherever possible I will avoid typing direct a blog post onto the web and will use my word processor of choice and then cut and paste into the blog post when finished.

It does remind in the past how word processors would often crash losing all your work and you were left with the same conundrum as above.

So remember save your work as you write.