Battleship for iPad – Game Choice #04

If you like using your iPad for games (in the main casual gaming) then you may be interested in the following games that I have enjoyed playing on my iPad over the last few years.

Battleship for iPad £1.99

Experience the sea-assault game that sinks all pretenders. More powerful than ever on iPad, enjoy spectacular HD-quality graphics and stunning sound effects. Launch into the iPad exclusive 2 Player Mode and test your strategic senses in an all-out engagement for naval supremacy – just like the all-time favorite board game!

Now first things first, you can play Battleships using pen and paper and that is probably the best way to play.

My son got for Christmas a plastic version (not the official version) that was quite fun, but had one drawback the co-ordinates were the same colour as the board and as a result in poor light I actually needed a torch to read off the co-ordinates!

So in a fit of frustration I decided that there was bound to be a version for the iPad and I would buy that…

There are a few versions available for the iPad, in the end I went with the official version. No real reason, the reviews on the others were mixed and in the end I quite liked the look of the app.

As a game it works. As well as the classic version there are a few alternatives that are quite fun.

The AI when playing on your own isn’t perfect, but then again, Battleships is really more luck than skill once you’ve got a strategy sorted. Against a human however the game works well.

Annoyed with EA by the number of adverts for their other games, especially as I paid for this app; I’ve noticed that with many of the EA games they are shoving adverts into their games. It’s annoying and doesn’t work, well it doesn’t work for me.

If you have the boardgame and assuming it isn’t sitting on a shelf gathering dust then you’ll probably enjoy the iPad version.

Get Battleship for iPad in the iTunes App Store.  – No longer available.