So where is the video out then?

If you have a Nokia N95 8GB model which came with Spiderman 3 you will know that it came with a composite video AV cable (well in the UK it does) which not only allows you to connect your Nokia N95 to a television, but also allows you to show what you are doing. This video out can also be captured using the right equipment. This video out is a really useful feature.

One of the disappoining non-features of the Nokia N810 is that there is no video out, so any video on there has to be watched on the small screen (nice screen, but it’s not very big).

Alas this also means that I can’t capture screen video this way either.

Hmm, a wasted opportunity methinks.

Big Screen with a PSP

One of the new features of the 2000 series of the PSP is that you can now purchase an AV cable which allows you to watch video or view photographs through your TV (or through a projector if it has composite video inputs).

I recently got hold of a cable, it is available through Amazon, but initially I tried at my local Sony centre (well the PSP is a Sony product and it’s an AV cable and the store has lots of big tellies) well no luck there. Nor at Dixons (well dot Curry Digital’ish aren’t they called) in the end I tried Game and found one on the bottom shelf nearly hidden away.

At £12.99 it’s not expensive, but it’s not cheap either, but it does work very well. You can get cheaper ones at Amazon.

Initially I tried the cable with one of those small portable Toshiba LED projectors and though I couldn’t get any audio it worked much better than I thought it was going to.

The I tried a normal projector and that worked fine.

I used it to view video and image as well as play audio.

One concern I did have was that there was a warning on the packaging that the PSP could only output in NTSC format only and of course here in the UK we use PAL, so when I got home I connected it to my TV, which is an older Sony CRT model and it worked really really well.

I couldn’t get it to display any games though.


Overall I was impressed with the cable and the quality of the output.