Adobe in the Mac App Store

Okay so it’s not Photoshop, but Adobe have their first product in the Mac App Store.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 Editor – Now at version 12

Make every photo look its best with a powerful yet easy-to use photo editor from the creators of industry-standard Adobe Photoshop software


The Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 Editor delivers powerful yet easy-to-use photo editing tools that take your photos from flawed to phenomenal in seconds. Count on automated options that help you get great results with just a few clicks. Works great with iPhoto when you’re ready to go beyond the basics.

For many people Photoshop Elements has all the necessary tools and features for editing and adjusting photographs. Yes, Photoshop is a much more powerful editor, but if you want to go further than the editing tools in iPhoto, but don’t want to spend megabucks on pro tools, than this is the tool for you.

Having said it’s not expensive, if you are use to paying iOS prices for software, then £54.99 may seem a touch more than you are willing to pay, though it is cheaper than the £79 for the boxed software.

It is in fact cheaper to buy the boxed software from Amazon than buying from the Mac App Store, however one of the advantages of buying from the App Store is if you have more than one Mac, then you can, using the App Store, install it on all your Macs. I also like how I can update apps more easily from the app store. Another nice feature of the App Store is when you get a new Mac and then you can transfer your software to it really easily.

This move by Adobe, does make me wonder if their pro tools will ever find their way into the App Store?

There are some really nice features and tools within the photo editor and is a great tool if you want something that is powerful, but isn’t as complicated as the professional Photoshop application is.

Get Photoshop Elements from the App Store.