MacBook Pro Airport issue resolved, possibly…

I think I may have resolved my MacBook Pro Airport re-connection issues.

I ensured that Airport is at the top of the network configurations and this seems to have solved my re-connection issue when running a pure 802.11n wireless network.

I find it strange that something as simple as moving a network configuration to the top should solve this issue with an 802.11n network. However it is not an issue when running in b/g compatible mode!

Well it’s working for me now.

MacBook Pro Airport Issues Continue…

Since I upgraded my Airport Extreme network to a pure WPA2 802.11n 5GHz wireless network, my MacBook Pro has consistently failed to re-connect to the network after waking from sleep.

It does this in both 10.4.10 and 11.5.1 and when connected to an Airport Express running 802.11g WPA/WPA2 no problems, will re-connect every time.

My iMac which is connected to the 802.11n network does not have this issue.

If I move back to 802.11n/b/g on the 2.4GHz radio mode the problem disppears.

I have followed the advice given by Apple here and another piece of advice which  said ensure the Airport is at the top of the network configurations, but alas no luck.

Once or twice the MacBook Pro has reconnected, but 99% of the time no re-connection and the only solution is to either join the 802.11g network or re-boot.


MacBook Pro Airport Sleep Issues

My MacBook Pro has stopped re-connecting to my Airport network after sleep. I am sure this is down to the fact that I have started to use it on a WPA2 802.11n wireless network.

Checked my settings, but nothing there that seemed out of order.

A quick Google search and up comes through this site the following Apple KB article which has a solution, will try it and see what happens.

Even More Bizarrely Automatic

I did mention I was having an issue with my wireless network topology and channels. I was having to use the Automatic channel setting which meant my older UFO shaped Airport Extreme decided channel 13 was best.

UFO 802.11g Airport Extreme

Well first problem I had was my HP TC1100 Tablet PC did not like channel 13 and refused to connect and co-operate.

So I knew I had to change the channel.

Well I changed the channel from Automatic (13) to channel 6 and guess what? Yes it all works fine now!


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Upgraded to Airport Extreme 802.11n

After a few days of a really flaky internet connection and problems with my wireless network I started to wonder if it all was my ADSL connection or possibly my Airport Express was on its way out.

So I went ahead and replaced my Airport Express with my new Airport Extreme which I had been meaning to use for something else, but was currently hiding in a cupboard.

Apart from not plugging in the power properly (wondered why I couldn’t find it when I scanned for it) and a double NAT issue, it is working fine and seems to be making a real difference to my connection and the reliability of the wireless network.

As I have 802.11g devices I can’t use a pure 802.11n network, but even so it does seem a little faster.

We’ll have to see if this change of Airport base station solves the issues I have been having over the last few days, I certainly hope so.

Wireless Connectivity Issues

Recently I have been having a few issues with the connectivity of my Airport Express base station.

Airport Express

I have had to power cycle the base station a couple of times now, as the wireless network just seemed to stop working.

My Airport Express is quite old now, I bought it when it was first released and on the Apple Discussion Forums there have been quite a few people who have had issues with their Airport Express units “dying”.

I am not sure why I am losing connectivity, there doesn’t seem to be a pattern.

I am not too worried as I have a spare wireless base station or two hanging around, it’s more the hassle of reconfiguring the wireless network and all the clients.

Have an airport named after you…

There are many benefits of being part of the Hood 2.0 phenomena. One that is (quite rare) but is been reported is having an airport named after you.

Steve Wheeler who chaired the Web 2.0 slam session which lead to the formation and creation of Hood 2.0 as recently pleased to read in a (high profile) blog that an airport had been named after him.

You can read more about his fame in his blog.