Stable Wireless

Well after upgrading to the new Airport Extreme (802.11n) base station, it does seem to have had an impact on my network stability.

Today my wireless network has remained stable and I have maintained connectivity.

It would appear that the fault lay with my Airport Express, though it didn’t help that my ISP had problems at the same time.

All working now.

Annoying Printer

Though I really do like my new Canon MP600r multi-function printer, there is one aspect which does annoy me slightly.

If you need to reconfigure the wireless connection you need to connect it to the Mac by USB cable. This can be difficult if the printer is not near the computer, which it might well be as that’s certainly why I bough a wireless printer. If I wanted a wired USB printer I would have bought the much cheaper MP600.

Canon MP600r

Ah well, at least I have reconfigured the printer to join my new Airport Extreme wireless network, and now I can print and scan over the wireless network.

Upgraded to Airport Extreme 802.11n

After a few days of a really flaky internet connection and problems with my wireless network I started to wonder if it all was my ADSL connection or possibly my Airport Express was on its way out.

So I went ahead and replaced my Airport Express with my new Airport Extreme which I had been meaning to use for something else, but was currently hiding in a cupboard.

Apart from not plugging in the power properly (wondered why I couldn’t find it when I scanned for it) and a double NAT issue, it is working fine and seems to be making a real difference to my connection and the reliability of the wireless network.

As I have 802.11g devices I can’t use a pure 802.11n network, but even so it does seem a little faster.

We’ll have to see if this change of Airport base station solves the issues I have been having over the last few days, I certainly hope so.

EyeHome Stopped

It’s looking like my EyeHome media streamer has stopped working (again).

The last time it stopped working it was the power supply, which was replaced. I have no idea what the problem is this time. The standby light is on, but the green light fails to come on when I use the remote to power it up!

Trouble is that Elgato no longer make the EyeHome and I don’t think that the new(ish) Apple TV will connect to my (not so) old television without spending extra on expensive cables.

There goes my plans for using my new Airport Extreme.