Online Video Conversion Tools

I have mentioned video media conversion tools before, but most of them have been applications. These are fine for example if you have the right computer (you need a Mac for VisualHub) or you have administrative rights to install the software on your Windows computer (which for a lot of work comuters is generally not the case).

So if you can’t install a conversion tool on your computer, how do you convert video files, well I have been looking at online video conversion tools for a while now.

The one I have used and found the results work well on mobile devices is Media-Convert.

Media Convert

It’s quite simple, you upload a media file from your computer, and an online conversion converts into the file format of your choice. It can handle a large number of file types including text and audio as well as video, and has a range of possible output file types.

It can be used to create PDF files which is handy.

The user interface could be better, it is covered in Google ads, but it is free and they need to make money somehow.

I was impressed with the quality, I took a large Quicktime movie and converted it into an MP4 file that could be used on my Nokia N73, and the conversion was done very well.

I was recently told about another online media conversion tool, Zamzar, however the site is populated with pop-ups and you also need to enter an e-mail address which smacks to me that my e-mail might be harvested and passed onto third parties.

Stable Wireless

Well after upgrading to the new Airport Extreme (802.11n) base station, it does seem to have had an impact on my network stability.

Today my wireless network has remained stable and I have maintained connectivity.

It would appear that the fault lay with my Airport Express, though it didn’t help that my ISP had problems at the same time.

All working now.

Annoying Printer

Though I really do like my new Canon MP600r multi-function printer, there is one aspect which does annoy me slightly.

If you need to reconfigure the wireless connection you need to connect it to the Mac by USB cable. This can be difficult if the printer is not near the computer, which it might well be as that’s certainly why I bough a wireless printer. If I wanted a wired USB printer I would have bought the much cheaper MP600.

Canon MP600r

Ah well, at least I have reconfigured the printer to join my new Airport Extreme wireless network, and now I can print and scan over the wireless network.

Upgraded to Airport Extreme 802.11n

After a few days of a really flaky internet connection and problems with my wireless network I started to wonder if it all was my ADSL connection or possibly my Airport Express was on its way out.

So I went ahead and replaced my Airport Express with my new Airport Extreme which I had been meaning to use for something else, but was currently hiding in a cupboard.

Apart from not plugging in the power properly (wondered why I couldn’t find it when I scanned for it) and a double NAT issue, it is working fine and seems to be making a real difference to my connection and the reliability of the wireless network.

As I have 802.11g devices I can’t use a pure 802.11n network, but even so it does seem a little faster.

We’ll have to see if this change of Airport base station solves the issues I have been having over the last few days, I certainly hope so.

ADSL Normal?

Well my ADSL speed and latency seems to be back to normal now. Pages are loading as they should and I seem to be getting quite good speeds as well.

Less annoyed now.

ADSL Connection Still Flaky…

Still very annoyed that my ADSL connection is still very flaky this morning. Sometimes pages load really quickly, then the next click to another page times out!

Very annoying.

ADSL Sloowwww

Today my ADSL internet connection was really really slow.

I initially thought it might be something at my end, but a quick check of my ISP’s status reports showed that they were having issues with a specific gateway (and it was the gateway I was connected to).

Despite turning off my router (as recommended by my ISP) intially my speeds remained poor and with little connectivity.

A few hours later it does seem back to normal. With such poor connectivity it makes me realise how dependent I am on my internet connection for everyday stuff, as well as entertainment and information.

Frozen Upgraded Parallels

I started Parallels on my iMac and there was a new update, which (as I thought I have the time) decided to download and install.

Well it took ages to download the disk image and when it finally did get downloaded, I am guessing it did not mount correctly as first Parallels froze and then the whole Mac.

Generally when an application fails to behave properly on a Mac, you can shut it down even force it to quit, but everything else continues to work. Today with Parallels that wasn’t what happened.

With the whole Mac not working, I gave it five minutes and then holding down the power button forced the iMac to shut down.

I restarted the Mac and everything seemed to be okay.

I mounted the Parallels disk image and ran the upgrade installer, which worked fine, and then updated my virtual XP machine which also went fine.

Not sure what went wrong, but XP on Parallels is now working fine.

Wireless just went…

So there I was about to write a new blog entry when my wireless went down (again). Quite weird in that I could ping other devices on the network (even use VNC) but could not access the router via a browser or even ping it.

In the end I just unplugged the router and the Airport Express, waited ten seconds, and then plugged them back in again.

Now working.