Time for an iPad

Lots of press coverage across the internet and papers about the launch of the iPad. Today as people get to use the iPad (rather than just queue for it) we get to hear much more about how they like using the device and whether it is the game-changer that has been hyped for months or whether it’s just a nice gadget that will be gathering dust on a shelf in a couple of months time.

The more I see and hear about the iPad, the more I wonder if it will be the game changing device that the iPhone has been, or whether it will be another Newton or iPod HiFi (remember that). The key I believe will be how the device sells not initially to the geek audience, but down the line to non-geeks in places like John Lewis and Apple Stores on the High Street or in local shopping centres.Of course the launch is US only and it’s looking like the earliest we will get the iPad in the UK is the 24th April, but so far no confirmation whatsoever from any official source.

What I am hoping that when the iPad is launched in the UK, the 3G version is released at the same time as the WiFi version, so I don’t have to make that difficult choice that many in America are making right now, that of buy now or wait until the 3G version is available.

Part of me is sad that I didn’t go out to the states and buy an iPad, and part of me knows how sad that would be!

Having said that if the geeks don’t like it, this can rub off on the general public, look at how there was a negative reaction to the Blackberry Storm following Stephen Fry’s adverse reaction. Now according to Time, Stephen Fry quite likes the iPad (though that’s a bit of an understatement) and I respect his opinion and if he likes it, I am sure that many others will like it too.

Looking forward to getting mine.

Really, all that from a job advert!

You have to love the rumour sites, have a read of this article from Macrumors.

Computerworld points to an Apple job listing posted last week which suggests that Apple is looking to expand the iPhone OS beyond the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad to additional platforms.

It suggests….

Let’s all speculate the future production of Apple products based on the job description of someone who will probably design those future products…

I love the rumour sites!

iPad interface

Yesterday Apple announced their new iPad.

To be honest I am quite impressed.

I have always liked the Tablet format, however the big issue with Windows based Tablets was always the standard Windows interface, fine with a mouse, didn’t really work with the Tablet interface; and you certainly couldn’t use your finger very easily.

The iPad touch interface if anything like the iPhone interface will make it a much more usable device than say a Windows XP Tablet.

The key to the iPad’s success will be though it works well, will the other limitations be compensated by the superior user experience?