Eye-Fi, oops

Virtually every digital camera I have bought has been a Sony and therefore I have almost always used Memory Stick. My first digtial camera was a HP PhotoSmart that used a proprietary memory card format, all the Canon DSLRs I have used have used Compact Flash.

I recently got a Kodak Zi8 and this uses SD cards, so as a result I was tempted to get an Eye-Fi, as I really quite liked the idea of uploading my images automatically.

I was in the Apple Store a couple of days ago and saw the Eye-Fi Geo, a 2GB SD Card with wifi capability that can also geo tag your photographs. Whilst I was in the store I did do a price check; I always think it’s nice that Apple have full internet access on their computers. The price was good so on an impulse I bought it.

I have now regretted that decision.

The main reason is that I didn’t check camera compatability and the Kodak Zi8 is not compatible.

So it doesn’t work!

Other reason, is that it only shares with my computer over wifi, it doesn’t automatically upload to Flickr or other photo sharing site, you need to pay $9.99 a year for that. That I didn’t mind as the Eye-Fi with that included was about £30 more, however the site assumes that you are only in the US or Canada!


I should have done some more online research.

I should have checked camera compatability.

I shouldn’t have bought it!

So deciding whether to sell it, or sell the Zi8 and buy a new digital camera that uses a SD card.