The Yellow Turtle

Well that wasn’t such a nice experience.

Drove off to Sand Bay and as we drove through Worle, I had a fault with the Ora Funky Cat.  The reduced power warning light came on. Lost all power to the drive train. Pressing the accelerator didn’t work. I crawled to a halt, but managed to stop safely on the side of the road.

Turned the power off waited a few minutes and set off again. As soon as I slowed down for a junction it came on again and I lost power. 

Managed to crawl home, stopping and powering off.  Of course when the RAC arrived it had gone and didn’t come on during our test drive. I wasn’t sure though what to do about it.

This is the entry in the manual.

Reading on the web, it was apparent that this was down to the motor overheating.  However the motor would only generally overheat either climbing a steep incline or thrashing it on the motorway. I was doing neither of those things. I then read on the web that there may be a software issue where when the motor overheats, the coolant doesn’t do the job.

Spent some time sorting out an appointment for the Funky.

Yes I know it is meant to be a tortoise…